Renata (Abstract Fluid Acrylic)


"Renata" the feminine form of the Latin word Renatus which means "Born again". Created on my Birthday last year, July 13th, 2017, she was the first piece in the "undercurrent" series. "Renata" was made with a bit of water from the James River in Richmond VA, a little air, fire, and a lot of magic (aka heart). 

Size 30x40x.75

Like anything, artwork carries energy. Fill your home with magic, good vibes, and energy from the ocean! 

This work is a free-flowing expression of my inner world. These pieces are unique and cannot be duplicated, unless by print. 

Edges are finished with drips, and the hanging wire is attached. This piece is ready to hang as is or be placed in a frame of your choosing. Signed and dated on the back. 

Each original painting comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity. 

Please contact me for international shipping options.


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