About Shaylen

Richmond Va Artists, Abstract Artist, Richmond Art

Shaylen was born and raised in Richmond VA, which is also where she currently works and resides. She obtained her BFA from The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in 2011. Her artistic ambition, however, began long before college and is also her current livelihood; pulsating in the plethora of artwork on canvas. Formally taught by her Grandmother Grace, who was a professional portrait artist, Broughton went on to excel in the arts throughout grade school and beyond. A post-college career in Hospitality Design taught her business sense, enhanced her work ethic, and reiterated personal values which nudged her in another direction.

In March 2014, Broughton began her career as a visual artist. She has exhibited in several group and solo shows in the US, as well as in the UK and Australia. In addition to exhibiting her work, Broughton works with several non-profits in Richmond VA, leading community art projects such as large-scale interior murals and after-school art programs.

In recent works, Broughton has begun exploring new mediums, including the use of natural water sources to accomplish fluidity in her compositions. Her work is highly experimental and remains in a constant state of change.

Through Abstract expression, Broughton's work explores the depths of human awareness; delving deep into black bottom oceans; ascending curiously towards infinite stars, and ultimately discovering the divinity within ourselves—feet firm on the earth. Particularly, she works to convey the relationship between emotional memory [in which we find significance], and the physical world [in which we find presence]. This turbulently abundant home we share is the only one we have ever known. It laboriously gave birth to a collective consciousness: everything that is and will ever be, still rise from its dirt. Her art is simply the all-encompassing Mother Nature, emerging through her fingertips.



BFA- SCAD- 2011


Sept 2014 - Crossroads Art Center - Members Show - Richmond VA

Oct 2014 - The Highpoint Gallery -  Spontaneous Combustion - Richmond VA

March 2015 - Crossroads Art Center - All Media and Members Show - Richmond VA

May 2015 - Crossroads Art Center - All Media and Members Show - Richmond VA

May 2015 - Arts in the Park - Art Festival - Richmond VA

July 2015 - Parallax Art Fair- The 13th Edition- Chelsea London, UK

Aug 2015 - Raw Natural Born Artists - Paramount - Richmond VA

Sept 2015- Art Works- All Media Show- Richmond VA

Oct-Dec 2015 -Art Space- Think Small 8 - Richmond VA

March 2016-  Colors of Humanity Gallery -Skies Exhibit- Online Exhibition 

March 2016- Urban Richie Gallery- Spectrum Exhibit Finalist-Online Exhibition 

March 2016- Crossroads Art Center - All Media Show - Richmond VA

April 2016- PUTABIRDONIT Group Exhibition- Mojos-Richmond VA

April 2016- RVA FASHION WEEK- Art and Jewelry Show- Candela Gallery- Richmond VA

May 2016- Live Painting Performance with Musician Jason Garland- James W. Black Music Center- Richmond VA

May 2016- Folk Friday Art and Music Show- Capital Ale House- Richmond VA

Aug 2016 -Raw Natural Born Artists - Reveal - Gold Coast QLD, AUS

Aug 2016- Raw Natural Born Artists - Reveal - Sydney, NSW, AUS

Dec 2016- Monster Drawing Rally- 1708 Gallery- Richmond VA

April 2017- Fusion Art-2nd Annual Waterscapes- 2nd Place Winner-Online Exhibition 

May 2017- Art Space- Radius250 Group Show-Richmond VA

May 2017- Orange Richmond, Pop Up Show- Richmond VA

June 2017- Verve Home Furnishings, Pop Up Show, Richmond VA

Sept 2017- RVA Street Art Festival- Pop Up Gallery, Richmond VA 

Oct 2017- NorthStar- Watermedia National Exhibition, Minneapolis MN

Oct 2017- Van Der Plas Gallery- All Art Group Show, New York, NY

Oct 2017- Art Space- Think Small 9 - Richmond VA

Jan 2018- Fresh Richmond- First Friday Pop Up- Richmond VA 

Jan 2018- Studio 36- Fourth Friday Pop Up- Richmond VA

Feb 2018- The Sound of Music Studios- Heart Market- Richmond VA

March 2018- Studio 36- Fourth Friday Pop Up- Richmond VA

May 2018- Arts in the Park - Art Festival - Richmond VA

June 2018- MOCA Boardwalk Art Festival- Virginia Beach VA

July 2018- Crossroads Art Center - Annual Members Show - Richmond VA

Sept 2018- Gallery 5- Glitter and Grit- Richmond VA

Sept 2018- The Broad- She's Abstract- Richmond VA 

Oct 2018 - Parallax Art Fair- Chelsea London, UK

Oct 2018- Virginia Moca- Satelite Gallery-Waterways-Virginia Beach VA



 July 2016- Almost First Friday Presents "Noisy Merriment" Solo Show- 804 RVA- Richmond VA

Sept 2016- "The Submerged Series: An Aquatic Dreamscape" Solo Show -The Glen Allen Cultural Arts Center-Richmond VA

June 2017- Florals- First Friday RVA- Isha Foss Design- Richmond VA 

Nov 2017- "Undercurrent"-Bar Code First Friday-Richmond VA 



Aug 2018- Present- Crossroads Art Center - Richmond VA



March 2014 - Hyatt House Richmond West - Public Space Canvas Works - Richmond VA

June 2015 - Hickory Hill Recreation Center/Hands-on Richmond - Interior Mural - Richmond VA

June 2015 - L Douglas Wilder Middle School/Hands-On Richmond  - Interior Mural - Richmond VA

July 2015 - Hosea L Williams Dr- “Live UP” Phase 1 Urban Purpose Design Mural Project- Atlanta GA

Oct 2015- Thomas Jefferson High School/Hands-On Richmond- Interior Mural-Richmond VA

Oct 2015- Folk Festival- Community Painting for CARITAS-Richmond VA

Nov 2015-  Hosea L Williams Dr- “Live UP” Phase 2 Urban Purpose Design Mural Project- Atlanta GA

May 2016- Citadel of Hope  Community Mural project and Groundbreakers Event- Better Housing Coalition, Art on Wheels, HandsOn - Richmond VA 

June 2016- YMCA Northside/Hands-On Richmond Interior Canvas Art-Richmond VA

August-Sept 2016 Una Merkel Mural-Community Mural- Covington KY

Oct 2016- Lucille Brown Middle School/Hands-On Richmond- Interior Mural - Richmond VA

Dec 2016- SCAN (Stop Child Abuse Now) Hands-On Richmond- Interior Mural- Richmond VA  

Jan 2017 RPS R.E.A.L School, Hands On Richmond Volunteer Event- Interior Artwork-Richmond VA 

March 2017- Goochland Elementary School, Hands On Richmond-Interior Mural- Goochland VA 

May 2017- Pets on Parade, Hand painted metal cat sculpture, Fetchacure-Richmond VA 

June 2017- Genworth Day of Service Mural Project, Hands On Richmond-Interior Mural-Richmond VA

Sept 2017- RVA Street Art Festival- Exterior Mural, Richmond VA 

Nov 2017- Armstrong High School- Hands-On Richmond- Interior Artwork- Richmond VA 

April 2018- Blackwell Elementary School- Hands-On Richmond- Interior Artwork/Interior Mural

April 2018- Pets on Parade, Hand painted metal dog sculpture, Fetchacure-Richmond VA 

May 2018- Byrd Elementary School- Hands-On Richmond- Interior Art

July 2018- Chimborazo Elementary School- Hands-On Richmond- Interior Mural

August 2018- Spirit Walls-Mural Festival-Exterior Mural Collaboration- Pittsburgh PA



Jan 6-May 25-2016   -Afterschool Program Assistant- Art180 - Spring Program-Wilder Middle School

Jan 7- May 26-2016  -Afterschool Program Assistant- Art180 - Spring Program- Fairfield Middle School

July 1-2016- Jan 2018 -Program Leader- Art on Wheels- Magnolias of Chesterfield Senior Home. 

Oct 3 2016-Jan 23rd 2017- Afterschool Program Assistant- Art180-Fall Program-St Andrews Elementary School. 

June 28th -Aug 16th, 2017- Program Leader- Art180- Summer Program- Charterhouse School 



November 2018 - Crossroads Art Center - All Media and Members Show - Richmond VA


April 2018- In collaboration with Nico Cathcart. Interior Murals and Signage, Cha Cha's Cantina-Richmond VA

August 2018- In collaboration with Nico Cathcart. Interior Murals and Signage, Tang and Biscuit-Richmond VA