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Interested in something custom? Please send me the following information about your project! Desired Canvas Size/Qty 

Photos of your space, materials, colors, vibe. 

Concept Idea (if you have one)

Color Palette 

Shipping location or local pickup


What's Next? 

After you receive and accept your quote I will send you an official invoice. A 50% down payment is due immediately and the rest due upon completion of the project. 

Once your first payment is received I will begin the design process. We can either meet in person to discuss or chat via Facebook or email. 

The initial design process includes: 

1. Color palette selection.

2. Inspiration. This can be photos, words, feelings or a song etc. These are just to get an idea of the vibe you want. My work is mostly abstract (or extremely loosely based on nature) based on a vibe/feeling/energy. I do not and will not copy other artists work. If you are looking for a landscape, portrait artist or sign painter I would be happy to point you in the right direction. I know a few! 

3. After we discuss your concept I will create a Mock-up of the design photo-shopped on your wall(s). You can approve or request changes. Up to 3 changes are included in your initial quote. Beyond this will be an additional charge. (Mock-up designs are not exact and will only show overall composition/color and vibe) 

Once you approve the design I can begin painting. (yay!) I will keep you up to date with photos and most likely a time-lapse video of the entire process once finished. 

Depending on your project it can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks in production time.