Use Your Words (AND YOUR HEART)

Use Your Words (AND YOUR HEART)

September 25, 2017

I've been wanting to start a blog, but haven't because..I am not a writer...I keep stopping myself because who am I to say things....but whatever. Here goes.

I am not vocal about anything. I do not know if that is a character flaw or a good thing. I only say things when I absolutely need to..or if I am in a social situation that requires small talk...and sometimes even when I need to say things I don't. So I am doing this for the same reason I make art..because I need to. When I was about 6 years old I remember very clearly having my babysitter yell "USE YOUR WORDS!" at me with intense frustration while I screamed bloody murder. Well..26 years later and I think I'm ready to start using my words. I hope someone may find this useful but if not that's totally fine too. 

What I would like to share here, is just simply my experiences both good and bad. My successes and my failures. My inspirations and process. I get so many messages asking "how do you do (this or that)"? I rarely have the time to answer them all. I am writing this for myself and also for any artist who can relate. I hope I can inspire someone and not scare them with my posts. But, I am going to be brutally honest, this business is not all butterflies and freaking rainbows...its blood, sweat, rejection, sleepless nights and a lot of fucking tears. It's being so broke that you have to decide whether you should pay your phone bill, buy groceries, or pay to ship your artwork across the country for a show. (because you FINALLY got into a show after applying to things for months). You have to need to do it, hands down, nothing can stop you..and if you don't you won't. And that's okay too. The best advice I was given when I first started out from a fellow artist was just this. Making a living as an artist is absolutely not easy if it was everyone would do it. It takes heart, and I mean every damn ounce of your heart.  People tend to look at "successful" artists and they must have it made (I know I used to do this too) But the honest truth is that EVERYONE struggles in some way. Stop putting people on a pedestal. Stop trying to be like your own beautiful unique wonderful self. I am by no means calling myself "successful" or insinuating that I have made no...I have made progress..I am not the artist or person I was when I started almost 4 years ago...I will absolutely always be working, changing and growing because isn't that the point of all of this? Do things with your heart and soul, people need it, this world needs it. I have doubts and fears about what I am doing, don't get me wrong, it is not possible to be fearless, just be brave. 

Anyway...I hope this reaches a person who needs it. 

That is all for now.

Keep an eye out for my next post...I will be sharing some information about my process and stuff. 



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