Do It Yourself

Do It Yourself

January 10, 2018

Soooo here it is folks... I promised a post about "how" I make my art. 

First and foremost, please take my advice with a grain of salt. I am just another artist making art the way it feels good to me. My way is not (nor should it be) the only way. 

I get so many messages and comments asking about what I use and how I use it...I can't possibly answer them all. If I did I would have no time to actually make any art. So I am going to do my very best here. I hope someone finds it helpful. If not there are SO MANY bloggers out there with probably better and more helpful instructional advice than me. 

Before I go on and on...I want to say that this post probably is not what most of you are asking for..this is not a DIY...this is not an instructional guide on how to make art..but I hope you will hear me out...I want everyone who feels drawn towards it.. to create art and share it with the world. Please do that..the world needs not be discouraged. This is information I wish I had embraced sooner.  If you understand anything about making art please understand this. You should never try to make it look like something someone else created. (USE YOUR HEART!!) It will never feel good when you copy and/or compare your work to another artist. As much as you look at someone else's creation and admire it, it's not came from the person's heart who created it, you are a different person, so your art will look different. Period. If you try to copy, you will never be happy with your creation. The point of making art is to share what is inside of you in the unique and beautiful way that only you can. If you're the technical type who needs a step by step guide..well this probably isn't going to be the post you wanted. (but maybe you will benefit from reading my shopping list that is attached) Honestly, even if I wanted to give you guys a step by step, I wouldn't know where to start. I hate following instructions, I am terrible at it. Therefore, I am not good at giving them either. I always say, I paint like I cook, I just throw things together and it usually works and it sometimes doesn't.  When it doesn't, ah well, at least I enjoyed the creation. 

Following instructions kills my creative process (personally). 

To me, the unknown, chaotic, unpredictable nature of this process is WHY I am in love with it.  

Embrace it, enjoy the time you spend becoming and learning. EXPERIMENT, always try all the things. You may be surprised where you end up. I started out painting landscapes and dog portraits. (There is nothing wrong with that...but I knew it wasn't what my heart wanted to create). I started making abstract art as a way of dealing with anxiety and letting go of expectations. The moment you put expectations on your work (especially fluid art) you are doomed to feel disappointed. Free yourself, let go, let it come out of you, THAT. IS. WHAT. THIS. IS. ABOUT.!  Don't give up on your pour because it didn't dry the way you wanted it to. Keep going, add layers..think of a unique way to make it your own. There will absolutely be work you create that are "failures" I have a lot of them...and I mean A LOT. You have to make some crappy things to practice and find your way...that's normal. It's also normal to feel angry and frustrated and want to give up. (Please don't).  I have been making art my entire life. I have had a lot of time to learn. Just like anything it takes time and A LOT of practice. 

The main ingredient in my "process" PERSISTENCE. The rest, a little heart, and a little soul, some joy, and (yes) some anger and frustration.  

I have also attached some of my favorite supplies below. If you have questions about how I use some of these products you might be able to find out by watching my video below. If not feel free to ask. I always do my best to try to respond.

Also, I will be adding to my list whenever I find new products that I like! 

Shopping List 

For those of you who need a bit more instruction. Maybe you're new to making art and don't really know some of the basic things. Here's some stuff to know. 

  • Know your mediums, they are your best friends. (There are a lot to choose from, see my shopping list above) 
  • Never add more than 30% water to your acrylic paint. (I add way less than that) You will break the binders down and your painting will eventually chip away. (science Y'all! ) 
  • Know your art foundations basics! (composition, color, pattern, texture, etc etc) 
  • Layer, Layer, LAYER, use an under-painting, add detail on top of your pour. This makes a huge difference in my opinion. 
  • A process is only a part of what you are creating. Add your own touch to it. Combine several processes. Make it a unique expression from the heart. (This is the best ingredient!)

Also, as promised, Here is a video of my latest painting. Sorry for the quality. I am using my phone to record.  Watch Me!

 "...It all boils down to getting in a playful and relaxed frame of mind." - John Cleese

 I hope this post finds an artist who needs it. 



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